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Lessons I'm (Re)Learning From the Current Crisis Thumbnail

Lessons I'm (Re)Learning From the Current Crisis

While this is part of the "Lessons I Learned" category of this blog, this crisis is ongoing so I thought I would do this one in the midst of the event. I have spent the last three weeks reaching out to clients offering perspective, advice, portfolio updates and planning opportunities. Now I'll take a pause to review the big picture and hopefully provide some therapy along the way.

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Lessons I Learned From Building An In-law Suite Thumbnail

Lessons I Learned From Building An In-law Suite

The last time I wrote a blog post was July 30, 2018. We were a little busy the last half of 2018. After realizing the need to have Debbie's parents closer and then not being able to find a suitable house, we decided to add on to the house we've lived in for 20 years. They moved in between Christmas and New Year's. While we learned much more than what I can write here, I thought sharing some lessons might be helpful for others in similar circumstances.

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