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How do you serve clients?


To best meet your financial goals and objectives, we are generally engaged in two phases: 

(1) Planning 

(2) Investment Management 

Planning is an important first step because it sets the road map for everything else we will do for you. Once we understand your goals and objectives, we are in a position to help you understand the probability of achieving your desired outcome(s) and what tools and strategies, including Investment Management solutions, should be implemented to assist in that process. Following this order avoids the risk of implementing investment and other strategies while not knowing whether they are actually helping to accomplish your plan.

Tell me about the financial planning process.


Sounds like a lot of work!


What kind of clients do you serve?


How is the plan implemented?


It depends on the scope of your planning, but could include things such as:

  • Making company benefit plan elections
  • Making Social Security benefit elections
  • Setting up accounts to be managed by VWP
  • Changing investment options in accounts that are outside of VWP’s control (e.g. 401k)
  • Updating estate planning documents with an estate planning attorney
  • Updating insurance coverages
  • Making sure all of the key elements of your plan are in our planning program and kept updated going forward

Does VWP provide only comprehensive financial planning?


How much does a financial plan cost?


What is your investment philosophy?


How do you select investments for clients?


Do you have a minimum investment size?


How much does ongoing investment management cost?


Will you waive the financial planning fee if I have you handle my investments?


Do you work with other professionals such as CPA’s and attorneys?


What is it that makes VWP different?


What’s next?

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