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Vision Wealth Planning Turns 5!

This month marks the fifth anniversary of Vision Wealth Planning. In 2012, I set out to take the best of what I had learned in my previous 20 years of experience to provide a service that is personal, professional and directly addresses the wealth management needs of a select group of individuals and families.

I would first like to thank those clients we have the privilege of serving. Without you, there would be no VWP. We appreciate your business, your trust in us and being able to serve you. It is my greatest professional privilege to partner with you in reaching your financial goals via good decision making.

Next, thanks to all who have played other roles in our success. Many family members, friends and professional acquaintances committed time to listen and give feedback or just listen when it was time to vent. After all, every venture has its setbacks and frustrations, so having you as valuable sounding boards and friends has been huge!

Quite a lot happens in five years. We have attempted to spend time on productive activities and roll out useful tools and resources, while avoiding doing something just for the sake of doing it. In thinking back over this time, here is a partial list of what I deem to be our most important accomplishments:


Partnered with Pinnacle Advisory Group to provide investment strategies that are:

  • Risk-managed
  • Tax-managed (via loss harvesting and asset location, if available)
  • In many cases, simpler than what clients previously experienced


Delivered a comprehensive client website, allowing clients to create a dashboard of their financial lives combined with their important documents.


Devoted greater time to those clients with more specific or intricate needs.


Reduced our standard fee schedule at the beginning of 2016 to reflect more efficient back office operations.


Provided educational seminars on Social Security planning to the public, as well as accountants, lawyers and other professionals. This presentation has been widely appreciated by all audiences and has allowed us to share valuable information regarding an otherwise confusing topic. Of course, we have applied this information in client specific planning situations, in some cases adding tremendous value from better claiming decisions.


Became less institutional in our thinking. By building associations with great people from various backgrounds and professions, our thinking is continually challenged and expanded. Personally, this has transformed my daily routine and enables me to spend time where it is most valuable.


What happens next? I’m not totally sure. The world moves at a faster rate almost daily. We are committed to evaluating new opportunities in service, products, technologies, etc. with the goal of rolling out only what is helpful to our clients.

Whether you have been with us all five years or joined along the way, thank you! We look forward to many years of continued service and innovation as we continue to grow and we welcome introductions to others you believe would benefit from our offerings.


Any information presented here is general in nature, believed to be reliable as of the date published and is not intended to be and should not be taken as legal, tax, investment or individual financial planning advice. Competent, licensed professionals should be consulted when implementing any kind of financial, estate, tax or investment strategy.

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