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I Want To Die With $0

One comment I’ve received over the years when working with a new client is, “I want to spend all of my money before I die.” Or said another way by the character Saul Bloom in the movie Ocean’s Twelve, “I want the last check I write to bounce.” This idea sounds very simple and elegant, but the reality is more like the unpredictable, all-over-the-place capers of the Ocean’s gang.

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Social Security Short-Changes Widow(er)s, Again!

Last week, the Social Security Administration released another audit report explaining how some widows have been underpaid benefits. This is in addition to the errors disclosed last year affecting widows that we wrote about in Social Security Short-Changes 100,000+ Widows. The latest report concerns widows that are dually entitled to a retirement benefit and a survivor benefit.

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Not All Assets Are Inherited Equally

One day, your kids or grandkids will inherit what you leave behind. Or, you may be the one set to inherit from the older generation. In either case, understanding the different tax ramifications between various asset/account types will go a long way toward avoiding mistakes at the time of inheritance and hopefully set the stage for

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